17-19 October 2018, Yangon Convention Centre, Myanmar

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17 October 2018
14.00 – 15.00

Handheld Chemical Identifiers for field analysis of Narcotic and Explosive materials
This presentation will discuss the need of first responders for field-based chemical identification, with an emphasis on counter narcotics and counter terrorism.  Current technology options for narcotic and explosive material identification will be discussed with a focus on how handheld Raman and FTIR based spectrometers can allow Police, Military, Customs and HAZMAT officers to identify unknown and potentially dangerous materials to be identified without the need to take samples back to the forensics laboratory.   

Speaker : Rodney Trickett, Manager International Sales, Thermo Fisher Scientific
In his current position as Asia Safety and Security Regional Sales Manager for Thermo Scientific Field and Safety Instruments, Mr Trickett is actively involved in helping the regions Military, Customs, Police and HAZMAT communities to improve their field-based analysis and identification of unknown chemicals such as CWAs, TICs, Narcotics and Explosives through the use of handheld Raman and FTIR based spectroscopic instruments. Mr Trickett is currently based in Sydney, Australia.
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18 October 2018
10.00 – 11.00

Private Security Regulation in Myanmar
In Yangon, there are over 150 security companies and only approximately 30 are licensed. There is a dire need for regulation and monitoring of the private security industry to insure customers are protected by licensed, trained and regulated security guards.

Speaker : Mark Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Phoenix Elite Security Services
International security expert with over 45 years’ experience in Military, law enforcement, state and federal investigations and training. Served in United States Marine Corps as military policeman, criminal investigator, NCIS Special Agent. Served the US State Department as a police trainer and mentor. Served as Marine Corps liaison to the Secret Service under two US Presidents.
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18 October 2018
11.30 – 12.00

Rapid Deployable Unmanned Surface Vessel 

1. Introduction 

2. Different applications of the Rapid Deployable Unmanned Surface Vessels
  a. EMILY
  b. Sonar
  c. Boat X


Speaker : Sam Chen, Managing Director, Omnitec Pte Ltd
Sam Chen has over 18 years of experience in the security and defence industry. He had previously held various  management roles within ST Engineering group of companies with responsibility covering marketing, operation and strategic partnerships. He also provided consultancy services to some oversea defence and security companies in Singapore.
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18 October 2018
13.00 – 14.00

Presentation on Infrastructure and Cyber Security Solutions
Ensuring CyberSecurity requires the coordination of efforts throughout an information system, which includes: Application Security, Information Security, Network Security, DR/Business Continuity Planning, Operation Security and End-user Education.

Speaker : Phyo Maung Maung @ Peter, YITM Co Ltd

19 October 2018
10.00 – 12.00

Security awareness and challenges in Myanmar

Human security has become a critical content of the global political and development agenda. Two ideas lie in its heart ; The first is that the protection of individuals is a strategic concern for the nation as well as international security. Secondly, security conditions for people‘s developments are not bound by traditional matters of national defense, law and order, but rather encompass political, economic and social issues enabling a life free from risk and fear.

The workshop will focus on the importance and effectiveness of security by using professional security technologies.

Speaker : Private Security Services Association PSSA


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